Systems & Software

Systems & Software

Our bespoke in house recruitment packages provide us with Real Time Information, whilst monitoring compliance.

Candidates & Clients

User-defined ‘wizards’ enable easy step-by-step entry of candidate, client, job and contact information ensuring the quality and consistency of all data entry. An optional ‘self registration’ module enables candidates to register themselves saving administration time.
  • Powerful searches using English language commands, not formulae making targeting and accessing your ‘specific’ candidates, clients and jobs quick and simple.
  • Intuitive, easy to learn system allows user confidence to be gained quickly – increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • Fully tailorable – the initial design process creates a recruitment software system to meet individual needs.
  • Receive a proven recruitment solutions software system where all of the data fields are specific to your own business.
  • Consistent record layouts enables fast, simple access to candidate, client, contact and job information.

Planners Diary and Reminders

Includes several interactive ‘planners’ designed for specific recruitment sectors e.g. commercial, shift and driving. Driving for example gives an instant picture of who is working where providing an invaluable tool for managing at a glance day to day activities.

Relational diary stores all ongoing activity for candidates, clients, contacts and jobs. Provides full history details including e-mail, phone, letters etc. for all users to view.

Automated tasks reminders allow consultants to easily keep track of outstanding recruitment matters e.g. visa expiry, certificate expiry, client call-backs.

Job & Vacancy Tracking

Automated mail merge to Microsoft Word allows standard letters to be produced effortlessly and either posted or e-mailed.

A full range of standard reports including management reports providing full consultant performance and client / job details and progress.

‘Saved list facility’ enables quick access to defined lists of candidates, clients, contacts or jobs and allows rapid group communication via e-mail, mail merge and sms.

Microsoft SQL server platform assures stability, security and scalability.

Full Tempaid integration eliminates duplication of data entry of employee, client and timesheet information saving valuable processing time for payroll and invoicing.

Aspire front office recruitment software includes a ‘requirements facility’ where users can easily track essential requirements e.g. work permits, visas, references, professional qualifications, training