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Industry News

Our Director Lee Hallett met with the Swindon Gurkhas today and said he was “Humbled to meet the Gurkhas, especially this week! The sacrifices and bravery they showed for our freedom is unexplainable”

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 We would like to invite you to join us at the region’s largest business show, The South West Expo on Thursday 4th July (10.00am – 3 pm) @ The Steam Museum, Swindon.

 The South West Expo is free to attend and is perfect for anyone thinking about starting a business or expanding a business. With over 130 exhibitors, advice, opportunities, and much more, can you afford to miss out?

 This business expo could define your business’ future; there is more than 130 exhibitors, 7 Keynotes and 5 workshops to give you the information that will grow your business. At this one-day event, there is assembled a world-class array of business minds all under one roof to equip and empower your business in 2019.

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How to gain more time and cut costs in your recruitment process

Staff Recruitment

It takes a lot of time out of your busy schedule to hire new staff and it’s no secret that the hiring process can be expensive in terms of time and labour involved.  Your time is valuable, and the hiring process means that you are pulling high level members of your team out of their daily routine to compile job adverts and review applications.

In addition to that, there may be four or five interviews to conduct and evaluation meetings to discuss and select which of those interviewed is right for the post.  It’s a tough call for your team to get much of their other tasks completed during this process. Then if you’ve got it wrong, the whole process must be one through again. The results – your hiring costs have now doubled if not tripled.

The Solution is a quick and thorough hiring process that allows your staff to maximise their productivity, allows them to get on with their own work sooner and increase their availability to handle those emergencies that always crop up in a high-level role.  

Our recruitment team can manage all the hiring processes on your behalf and all you have to do is sit back and welcome your new member of staff on board on the required starting day.  Our team of experienced recruitment consultants can quickly identify the talent that you need and can interview selected individuals to your criteria or to your specific preselected questions.

Your business is only as strong as your team and the time they have available. We’re here to support and help you select the right talent and enable your staff to concentrate on their own tasks

If you would like to have an informal chat with one of our team then click here stating your name and the information you require and enclose your contact number and we will call you back, or you can contact us direct on Tel: 01793 744555