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Logistics and recruitment company

Opex is a logistics and recruitment company based in Swindon, we set the highest standards and expectations on all of our retail, distribution and warehouse contracts and ensure only that only the best professional class 1 truck drivers are selected to work for us and provide that all important logistics service to our clients. At Opex Personnel we only take on class I drivers if they reach our own marker for excellence and so only register the highest quality truck drivers who have undergone a process that matches our own high standards. Those HGV drivers on our books set the standard for the delivery of our logistics business and we are proud to say we consistently retain drivers on our books for long periods of time by ensuring a happy working environment with excellent benefits.

Logistics Contracts for drivers in the industrial and retail sectors

We have years of experience in delivering contracts to the industrial and retail sectors, giving us a unique insight into the industry. We have retained logistics contracts with local SME’s, Multinational companies and Blue-Chip organisations in Swindon and regionally through maintaining our high standards, our quality of service, compliance and meeting set KPI’s. Our outstanding compliance record and reputation with our clients are down to the high standards we set ourselves. We are a GDPR compliant business and ensure security and quality systems are delivered within our processes, we are registered with the ICO and are currently undertaking the ISO 9001 quality standard to ensure our continued outstanding delivery.

HGV Class 1 Drivers:

At Opex Personnel our recruitment team has spent years developing strong relationships with the very best professional class 1 drivers both locally in Swindon as well as regionally. As part of our logistics team, you will be treated as a professional, not a commodity and as a valuable member of our team and as such a valuable asset to our business. You will be treated as an individual and not just another booking requirement. As our contracts are growing daily we always have vacancies for HGV Class 1 drivers who can match our standards, if you think you can meet the criteria, have a look at our jobs page or send us your cv to hello@opexpersonnel.co.uk

We retain our driver labour pool by not over recruiting on distribution contracts which enables us to deliver to both our clients and our drivers. This is backed up with a select pool of ad-hoc drivers which can be called upon at any time to enable us to meet our agreed targets, maintain compliance and meet further contractual obligations.  Procuring the resource that is required, allows us to keep our pool of drivers busy 5 days out of 7.

We seek to provide continuous quality of work and are flexible in our approach to enable our drivers to have that work/ life balance they need.

Where possible our team will work with you to provide the best shifts patterns suited to your needs. PPE is provided to ensure you feel part of our team when arriving at our clients.  

Industrial Division

Our Clients:

At Opex Personnel we consider ourselves to be experts in the provision of Temporary and Permanent staffing solutions both within the Industrial marketplace both in Swindon and regionally. We have created a wide range of working solutions to enable us to manage high volume un-planned retail requirements to lower volume planned placements.


Industrial and Retail Vacancies

Our established client base shares our passion in delivering just the right recruits for their industrial and retail job vacancies.  They appreciate our time and investment, which enables us to search out and select candidates with the right skills, ethics and experience to fit their vacant roles. By sourcing the best skilled recruits for our clients, we add value, save time and increase productivity.

Finding the right candidates with the best skills match, means that our candidates are happy and you as a client are happy with our worker. Better still, you can try the candidate out on a 12-week basis to ensure they fit in with your departmental team. Ideally, we can find the best candidate for your vacancies with all the correct qualifications, experience and desire but they may not fit it with your departmental team or with your company ethics. By employing a member of staff on a 12-week Temp to Perm basis gives you the chance to try out candidates to make sure they are the best fit for your team.

Agency Candidates:

All our recruits are treated both as individuals and with respect. We endeavour to always match your skill to your desired job role. Utilising your experience, qualifications, certificates and future aspirations to enable you to find the job that fits you best.

Looking for a new job or career?


If you’re looking for a new position and perhaps a new career then give Opex Personnel a call or apply online by sending in your CV and can match you up with our current vacancies. Our large client base means we are always looking for warehouse staff, FLT drivers, production operatives and machine operators plus many more job roles, whatever you’re looking for, we can find the right job match for you

We offer a 12-week trial system to ensure the job is a good fit for you and for our clients to find out if you fit in with their team. If you’re happy our client is happy and therefore it is in all our best interests to find the best match in employment for you.

Our friendly team will take you through the recruitment and interview process and find out exactly what you want in the position you’re seeking. Whether it be work / life balance, a new job or a promotion Opex Personnel can help you reach your true potential.

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