Opex Personnel has spent years developing relationships with the very best professional drivers locally and regionally.

Upon joining our team, you notice you are treated as a professional and not just a commodity and moreover, as an invaluable asset to our business. You will be treated as an individual and not just another booking requirement.

We aim to set the highest standards and expectations by ensuring only the best professional drivers are selected to work for us.

 With a rigorous registration process, we aim to be able to set the standards when supplying drivers to business.

Aiming to retain our labour pool by not over recruiting and only procuring the resource that is required, it allows us to keep our pool of drivers busy 5 days out of 7.

We seek to provide quality work, continuously and are flexible in our approach to enable our drivers to have the life/work balance they desire.

Our team will endeavour to provide you with the shifts patterns best suited to your needs. We provide discounted uniforms to ensure you are part of our team and feel good arriving at our clients.

Recruitment Procedures

At Opex Personnel, all professional drivers will undergo rigorous recruitment and selection procedures, which will include: transport knowledge; test and numeracy and literacy testing.

Where it is appropriate too, police checks and references can be requested.

  • Our recruitment and selection processes and procedures have been designed to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000, relevant legislation and codes of practice
  • We advertise all of our vacancies through various media
  • Candidates are interviewed at our premises by experienced driving consultants
  • The candidate’s personal preferences and specific skills are determined
  • Application documents are completed which include a declaration covering the information provided and agreement to our terms
  • Candidates complete relevant skills-based tests and the results assessed
  • Qualifications, certificates and licences are inspected and copies retained
  • Live DVLA Check’s on licences at registration stage, then quarterly.
  • Eligibility to work in the UK is established by checking the appropriate documentation, which is copied and retained
  • Successful candidates undergo an induction including instruction which covers the expected standard of conduct
  • The quality of the interview is controlled and assessed by the branch manager

Where appropriate references are sought from previous employers to establish a complete record of the candidate’s work history.

Equal Opportunities

Opex Personnel wholeheartedly supports the principle of equal opportunities with respect to colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, sex, marital status or disability. 

Individuals are treated equally and fairly on recruitment, selection and training. Promotion with career management is based solely on objectives and job-related criteria.

Membership of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) is part of our policy and we abide by its code of practice. This code of practice is approved by the Equal Opportunities Commission.

Discrimination is monitored through a review of advertising. Information containing all applicants is gathered on application forms. Data from an application form is analysed by management to ensure discrimination does not occur.

Health & Safety

At OPEX Personnel, it is our policy to:

  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment for our full-time staff. We assess the risks associated with our premises and working practices, and then take action to minimise those risks.
  • Minimise the risks to our temporary workers whilst working on assignments. We assess our client’s management of health and safety, together with information provided by the client, and then take the appropriate action.
  • Encourage our full-time staff and temporary workers to use safe working practices and to inform management of health and safety issues.
  • Comply with the statutes and regulations relating to health and safety at work. We allocate resources to identify and interpret the relevant regulations. Our procedures are then revised as required.
  • Comply with OHSAS 18001, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and our health and safety management systems are subject to audit.
  • continually improve our management of health and safety. We use the results of audits and measurement, together with reports from our employees and clients, to identify areas where we need to improve.

Full-time Staff

  • We audit our branches against our generic Risk Assessment at least once a year. Problems requiring rectification are notified to the branch and to our Company Secretary.
  • The Risk Assessment is revised if an audit reveals a hazard not previously identified.
  • Our full-time staff are inducted into health and safety when they start work with us.
  • All our staff has access to our help desk, where they can discuss and report health and safety issues.
  • We accept that we have a joint responsibility, with our client, for the health and safety of our temporary workers when working on assignment for Opex Personnel.
  • We ask all our clients to answer four standard questions regarding health and safety before we supply temps, which enables us to assess the client’s management of health and safety.
  • We negotiate with our client to provide health and safety induction, if the client has no procedure for inducting temporary workers.
  • We assess our temporary workers suitability for types of work, including night work, by assessing the temps’ answers to a health questionnaire, which they complete before interview.