Candidate FAQs

Candidate FAQs

How Do We Work?

We will initially invite you in for an informal interview, to get to know you and build on perfectly matching your skills with our client requirements. We want you to have a positive experience working for us and will go through your skills and experience and try to match your lifestyle and career aspirations.

Do you prefer to work in the mornings or evenings? You can even work for us during certain periods of the year such as Christmas. We will aim to match your requirements to the available job opportunities in Swindon.

If I work as a Temp will I get taken on full time?

We have lots of vacancies that are temp to perm and many of our workers have been taken on full time after a twelve-week period. It doesn’t cost the client anything in charges to do this, so they are more likely to try you out on this basis. It also gives you a chance to check out if the company is suitable for you and for the company to check if you fit in with their team. If working temporary is what you want to do, then we have plenty of temp jobs in Swindon with clients who just want to employ a temp replacement for a certain period of time. If you’re after a Permanent job in Swindon then we have plenty on offer so have a look at our jobs pagefacebook and linkedin sites. Don’t ignore those temporary jobs though – they give you an opportunity to try out a new career, find out if the sector is for you, find out more about the company and its promotional paths and can give you an insight into working within that role and if the hours are what you want.

When will I get paid as a temp to perm?

As with all employment you will get paid in arrears but as you get paid weekly you won’t have to wait too long before you receive your first pay packet. Pay will go directly into your bank account each week and any overtime that you have completed will be paid at the appropriate rate. Your pay will be above the minimum wage and according to the clients pay per hour. Once you have completed 12 weeks you will automatically be paid the same amount as any other employee of the company in the same role and will accrue holidays accordingly. Your holiday accrual date will start from the first day of employment with our client.